Welcome dear visitor to read a bit more about us and the story behind The Secret of Ogimi. Founded in November 2019, after we sourced our first products in Bali in the summer of 2019. 

Our business was named after the village of Ogimi, Okinawa where the secret lies to longevity, where people from all ages blend together and enjoy life.

Our collection of curated high quality products is constantly updated and extended. We work with only a few , but high level artisans, carefully selected by ourselves. They are excellent in bringing our designs and ideas to life. Products that are handmade and therefore one of a kind have stories to tell.

Every product of our collection has its own story, one of a journey, one with maybe a few flaws but most important , being unique. This fits into Wabi Sabi… seeing beauty in imperfections, storytelling.

Our customers are invited to browse our assortment and fall in love with our products. Creating your own sanctuary in these unique times is something that will calm the senses and giving you a place to call HOME….


Much love,

The people from Ogimi









In July 2019 when visiting Bali for The Secret of Ogimi we chose our artisans for the products we wanted to create. We established real partnerships with those people and even in Covid times we could rely on them, and they on us. Our designs are a perfect marriage of our ideas and creations and their knowledge and craftmanship, bringing them alive.

A little impression of who they are…..

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