In the heart of the Okinawa Islands, lies a place called Ogimi. The village of longevity… it’s been a place that has inspired us, or actually the story of its inhabitants…many centenarians in this village, who at a high age still manage to live happy lives full of energy…don’t we all want that? finding the secret to longevity?

We named our business after this Secret of Longevity, because we believe in the power of joy, friends, a healthy lifestyle but most of all IKIGAI..

Our collection of curated, high quality products is constantly updated and extended. Our artisans are all carefully selected by ourselves when visiting the beautiful island Bali. They, our artisans bring our ideas to life, so you can browse them in our web shop or come and visit our showroom by appointment.

Our products all have a story to tell, some of them might have a few flaws but this make them unique. We see beauty in these imperfections and want to indulge you into a world of Wabi Sabi and Fine bohemian furniture.

Much Love,
The people of Ogimi…


In July 2019 when visiting Bali for The Secret of Ogimi we chose our artisans for the products we wanted to create. We established real partnerships with those people and even in Covid times we could rely on them, and they on us. Our designs are a perfect marriage of our ideas and creations and their knowledge and craftmanship, bringing them alive.

A little impression of who they are…..

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