Written by Renate Rossiau

September 12, 2022

Hi folks!

It’s been a while. Things have been super busy at our end, and I’m sure the first ‘free’ summer in 2 years has been for everyone a time to enjoy life, meet friends, go on holidays and catching up on things that were left ….somewhere before the pandemic hit us all.

We’ve had a busy 8 months of 2022, starting of end of January with renovating our showroom, from 0 to this. Since May we have the new space in use and we love working in it. And we did, it was crazy and we enjoyed welcoming you in our showroom, or receiving your orders through our online business.

Our furniture and decoration went across the country, crossing borders to nearby cities but also to meditteranean destinations and even overseas a couple of times to the Caribbean.
Looks like you all bought holidays homes to escape now and then from the rain and cold and recharge your batteries…

Although… not having to complain about this past summer. Here in Belgium we have had the benefits of a long and dry summer with lots of high temperatures and sunshine. Hoping to elongate this summer feeling a bit in september and enjoy an indian summer….

Meanwhile across the equator, on the other side of the world, our artisans are working hard to get our orders ready and all the new samples that we asked them to make for us. Slowly we start receiving the results day by day and hope to be able to launch that production very soon.

What to expect from us in the coming months for SS23?
* Working on an entire new collection of lampshades/pendants , completely new designs and new materials.
* New furniture that you can use both for in- and outdoor spaces , aligned to our signature furniture.
* Building on our bestsellers and bringing new items to the table…

We are super excited and can’t wait you to meet the results in a couple of months!

Stay tuned for SS23!

The people from Ogimi