Let there be light…..

Written by Renate Rossiau

July 12, 2021

Good evening folks, it’s been a while since writing a new post.

The name of this post has 2 meanings… 1) Let there be light refers too…the light at the end of the tunnel of what has been an absolute disaster lately with the container traffic from Asia. The rollercoaster of insane price increases and annoying delays has caused us nearly a few extra wrinkles and less hair. But we have to stay positive and …here comes meaning 2: We are so excited to welcome a whole bunch of totally new designs in our pendant range. We have about 12 completely new designs and we build upon on of our absolute succes stories which is our pretty Komorebi pendant. Coming soon in black ( M version) and for houses/restaurants/bars/shops that need a dramatic and impressive lampshade we’ve got you covered with Komorebi XXL, measuring 130 CM ( diameter). What an insane size, but dropdead gorgeous!

Also very happy to announce that we have partnered with Calex to offer their pretty light bulbs, lamp holders etc. Available now in our showroom by appointment and soon online. Because let’s be honest, what is a pretty lampshade without the best suitable light bulb, lamp holder and cord? Exactly! We’ve got you covered twice!

Stay tuned, we will be placing all these new beauties ¬†online as soon as that container has finally landed…


The Ogimi team xxx