Written by Renate Rossiau

September 15, 2020



It feels like our Belgian summers are getting longer and longer , year by year. After a great and relatively warm Spring season, we’ve had a few weeks that the sun took a small break, in order to return again on the forefront. The heatwave in August seemed to last forever and made our Belgian coast an even better location to enjoy some holidays. And now we are spoiled with an Indian summer!


Here at the Secret of Ogimi, we spent a week at our Belgian Coast. Why? Because first of all it’s beautiful, it’s nearby, plenty of watersport activities to do and last but not least, we had to be standby for the latest container that we received. That was 4 weeks ago, now a new 40ft is on its way since last week Monday! And next orders are in the making as we speak. No time to sit still, extending our little warehouse ,this time with a ‘showroom’ area. Quite pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that request to browse our warehouse location in the search for decoration and furniture to fulfill their interior dreams. So we want to be able to show them our beautiful products in a better way..


And then there is the plan for a new visit to our artisans in Bali at the end of the year, if Covid19 doesn’t disturb the plans. It’s been great so far working with all those lovely people and we cannot wait to meet them again.


Happy Indian summer to everyone and try to keep that summer vibe alive in your hearts and houses !

Love, Chris,Renate,Owen